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American Media Training

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American Media Training
5757 Century Blvd. 7th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90045
Tel: 800 278 7876
Fax: 310 943 2222

Our History

We began as a software development house developing interactive CD ROM's in 1995. That same year we became a Macromedia Authorized Training Partner and started teaching Director and Authorware. In 1997 when Flash was released we were one of the first training companies to offer ActionScript. Next was Dreamweaver and at that time we expanded our training to include Adobe, adding Photoshop and Illustrator. By 2000, we had developed the expertise in other applications and extended our training catalogue to include InDesign, Premiere and After Effects. Some application like Freehand have come and gone but we continued to develop with new software and grew our staff to teach RoboHelp, Captivate and web development languages such as CSS, PHP, ASP, and of course ColdFusion. Apple training started in 2006, the same year we ran our very first instructor-led online class. Today we continue to offer quality certified training to companies and individuals all over the world. Taught either online, on-site or at public training centers in different cities. Our trainers have extensive experience having taught not just in the USA but also Europe, Australia and Africa. We offer our clients, experience, expertise and great customer support.

Our Philosphy

Provide incredible value.

Trainers, value and support are the 3 pillars of the training industry.

Over 15 years in the training industry we have had to communicate effectively with our clients to understand their specific training obectives in order to deliver the class they actually need.

Our ability to customize a course, along with our flexible schedule at very reasonable rates, puts us in a class of our own

Any questions, let us know via email or call 800 278 7876 ext 4