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Javascript - Beginners

Javascript class

Sorry, we currently do not have any public classes scheduled for the Javascript beginner class. Please contact us to see if we can put one on the schedule for you

Javascript beginner class

Course Description:

Students will learn how to use JavaScript effectively to make their web pages more dynamic and functional. JavaScript functions can include arithmetic operations, date and time functions, random numbers, text strings and components of document content. It can also include functions to make pop-up windows and confirmation boxes. JavaScript is useful with html submission forms and the training is ideal for the newcomer to JavaScript


Target Audience

The JavaScript course targets Programmers and Developers who would like to gain the knowledge of developing Web based applications.



HTML Training course or equivalent knowledge.

Javascript beginner class
Course Details:

Getting Started with JavaScript

  • Create Basic JavaScript Script
  • Types of Scripts
  • The Script Tags
  • Components of JavaScript
  • The Alert Statement
  • Browser Support
  • Script Errors
  • Identify Scripting Guidelines
  • Comments
  • Line Terminators

Managing the Browser Window

  • Display Messages on the Status Bar
  • Objects
  • Types of Objects
  • Client-Side Objects
  • Core Objects
  • Object Hierarchy
  • Instances
  • The Window Object
  • Window Object Properties
  • Window Object Methods
  • Event Handler
  • Mouse Events
  • Open a Linked Page in a New Window

Managing the Document

  • Write Content to a Document
  • The Document Object
  • Document Properties
  • Document Methods
  • Document Event Handlers
  • Create a Dynamic Document
  • Document Object Model
  • Image Rollover