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Class information for our students

Class Hours

The hours listed are typically Eastern Standard Time unless otherwise specified. If you are from the UK, please deduct 5 hours from GMT.

Class Materials

Prior to your class we will ship you the appropriate class materials along with a headset and microphone for your training. Please make sure your headsets are plugged in and tested before your class begins.
We do ship overnight so you could sign up for a class 2 days before it begins.

Class Setup

Before your class begins you will receive an email from us with the login details to enter/join your class. You may also receive instructions to download any additional training files required for your class

Please ensure that you have the appropriate software loaded on your computer that is required for your course ie: Photoshop

If you would like to do a 10 minute test to ensure you are all set, please contact us or simply sign up for a demo

Any questions, let us know via email or call 800 278 7876 ext 4